WD TV Live: 16xFF not enough -> JumpTo-function would be useful

Maybe the is enough space for an little useful function in one of your next firmware versions:

Espacially for bigger video files I realy miss possibility to jump to a special position in the file.

The options menu should offer an JumpTo function, where you can adjust the position in the movie you want watch from. With the Up/Down and Left/Right buttons of the remote you should be the able to choose the posttion (HH:MM:SS).

Of course having the possibility of adjusting exactly where in a video to jump would be great. But note that there’s a 10-min jump already implemented: while fast-forwarding, press the “next” button.

Yes, this is great. I didn’t know this function before. This isn’t so exact as i often need, but it helps a lot for now. Thanks!