WD TV Live 110/220 Current?

I just bought the WD TV Live WDBHG70000NBK-HESN. Can this be used it in the Netherlands with their 220 electrical current?



_ All the AC adapters of WD products are Autovolt, this means that you can use your WD TV in a 110v or in a 220v, it will not harm your device. _

_ You might need to get an adapter for the wall plug. _

_   _



 As I don’t have the unit with me here. Just bought it on e-bay so I couldn’t see the requirements on the plug. I’m in the Holland and want to use it for my Slingbox. Thanks for your prompt reply.

No Probs Dalvis

I’m Australia and when i have purchased Brand New from Retail Stores…

WD include the various wall plug adaptors in the box.

You may not get these, buying from “Ebay”

But, your local electronics store should stock them if you need one (should only be a few $$)