WD TV LIVE + 100hz

hello people!!!

i have this wd tv live media player

and my tv supports 100hz truemotion, but as i see on my tv the wdtvlive gives only 60hz output and that causes some slowdowns on motion at mkv movies and stadar ones, my question is, does the new wdtvlive support 100hz? or any newer firmware of it?

cause im rly disappointed, the difference from 100hz mkv streemed from bluray player is big

I think You’re confusing two different things.

120Hz (or 100, or 240, or 480, or 600…) TruMotion is the PANEL REFRESH rate.

The 60Hz supported by the WD is the FRAME RATE.

Are you saying your Bluray player supports 100Hz FRAME RATE?   I don’t know how that’s possible…  There’s no HDMI standard for 100Hz video.

What model BD player do you have?

hmm i see, propably ive mixed them up, but still as you say the 60hz output of wdtv is normal right? then why trumotion isnt running smoothly?

on some scenes on movies i see example a shaking hand, doing something like slow down, like some frames are missing… and then it keeps smoothly… my setting is 1080p 60hz, should i change it to 1080p 23.97hz?

I don’t have any idea.   

I personally cannot STAND trumotion.  It makes things look fake and artificial.   I have an LG TV with 240Hz trumotion, and I have it turned off.   It’s terrible.

Yes, 60Hz is the highest frame rate supported by HDMI.

Try turning Trumotion off.