Wd tv just stopped working properly

ive had my wd tv for almost 2 years and reguarly transfer it between 3 different tv by the same cable and always the same hdmi ports. all of  a sudden it stopped displaying on every tv. i took it down to the local store along with all my cables and it worked straigh away on the stores tvs with my cable?? i then bought a new hdmi cable. it works in a different hdmi port on one tv with only display, same tv diferent port, works both audio and video. but not on any other tv. ive tried factory reset while at the store, the reset button. im totally stuffed at what to do… any help would be great thanks…

This sounds more like a problem with your TV. Make sure that the HDMI port on your TV has the audio set for HDMI and for not something else.

the same problem, on all 3 tvs, at the very same time?? ive already checked all that stuff numerours times. i think it must be just dying. 


In a past life of mine, I used to repair consumer electronic gizmos.  From what you describe, I would be looking for a bad connection somewhere, and likely in the WD unit.

Perhaps the reason it started working at the store is because of all the jostling around it took on its way off the TV and on to the store.  So, put it back on the TVs into the original HDMI ports and start “slapping it around” a little.  I don’t mean hard or softly – just firmly give the WD a few slaps.  If something is loose or intermittent it will likely show up on screen by the video going on and off. 

Let’s say this happens, then what?  Well, if the loose contact is inside one of the circuit components, the unit has likely failed badly.  But, if it is one of your connections (maybe caused by all the taking off and on these years), that may or may not be repairable.  Gently jiggle all cables connected to your unit and see what happens, too.

Another thing that can go wrong – the power supply is failing – this is common with electronic things. (Tap on it firmly a few times, too)   Example:  my original Roku showed up dead one day after having it live for a few years.  I suspected the power supply immediately, tested it with a meter, declared it DOA, ordered a new one from Roku, plugged it into the Roku, and was back in business.

An inexpensive original power supply for your unit can be found at places like eBay.  Maybe worth the $10 or so if all other things check out OK.

Bottom line: it would cost more to repair than replace the whole unit, and things DO break sometimes.  Perhaps the cause IS the power supply or just might be from all the handling your unit has experienced.

EDIT:  Your comments about sometimes having audio or video (or vice versa) is confusingly unclear, but if you have either one but not the other, this fact takes the power supply as the culprit out of the picture.  A bad PS – and nothing works!  This thought leads me to ask:  When the unit is not working at all, and the unit is turned on, do you see any lights lit on it?  If you do, the PS is OK.

ashley29886 wrote:

the same problem, on all 3 tvs, at the very same time?? ive already checked all that stuff numerours times. i think it must be just dying. 

I thought you said in your first post that you had video but no sound on the one TV.

i also have a ps3 that uses a hdmi cable and has never been unplugged. i plugged that into every port on one tv and it worked fine. and with the new cable as well. with the old one it did not work at all.

im now coming to the conclusion that the old hdmi cable might have shorted the connecttion to the wdtv some how as this is the only thing that has a problem… im gonna go buy a new wdtv streaming media player 2day. have you heard good/bad things??

cheers for all your help, i appriciate it alot


If you think you have determined the problem is caused the HDMI cable, then why in the world do you want to buy a new WD player?  Buy an HDMI cable if you need one.

For one thing, a cable doesn’t “short” usually;  it “opens”, meaning you have a broken contact (wire, etc) inside, or possible on the connector end itself.  Jeez, don’t buy a new unit until you are sure of the problem.  The cable did not damage your WD if it still can work with a different cable.

If you buy a new unit, do not buy the new model called WDTV Play, unless you absolutely know more about it – it is a lesser model than the one you have, and quite a few people have already been disappointed with their purchase decision.  Buy the same one you have if it is still available.  Let us know what you have and we can tell you if it is still around, or what to get if it isn’t.