WD TV in QNAP NAS with Raid5 has to restart after each file played

Hi there,

I have a TS-419P II with a Raid 5 consisting of 4x 3 TB.

The WD TV is connected to the network, all gigabit LAN.

The problem is, I can only play 1 file after the file the WD TV won´t load another one, I got a endless loading circle.
I have to restart the WD TV and can play 1 file again and so on.

It´s the same if I access the file over Network or Twonky Media.

I used a Raid 0 of 2 disks before and the problem wasn´t there.

Both systems use the newest available firmware.

Any ideas?

Thank you!

Regards Acanom

Some additional info:

  • when I try to start,stop, forward it says" can´t read file.Read manual for instruction how to convert to readable file"…strange because the file is playing ^^
  • that only happens after the file was playing for atleast 10-15min, before that everything works fine
  • the file keeps playing in the background even if i´m switching to the menu

I already rest to factory defaults