WD TV in block state after 2h

After 2h of activities (playing mp3 file from NAS via WIFI connection), the selection of a new content into the NAS, mediaplayer goes into a locked state (on the screen, remains startup logo content, and then not present anything - arrow turns). The release is installed 1:02:17.

During this “block”, the navigation through the menus is always available but any selection of content is successful. After a reboot, the navigation is always available, but the selection of the content does not work.

The next day (and / or I think even after a few hours), everything will start working but systematically after 2h c.ca returns the condition of blocking mentioned in opening

Thanks in advance for the support

Regards, Mauro

Hi ditiemme, have you verified if the same problem happens when you play the mp3 files form a USB drive/Memory connected directly to the WD TV?  

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When I connect a USB key into the associated port on WD TV, it read the folder where are placed all the mp3 files, but if I can try to view the lists of all the files inside the directory, doesn’t work (I see on the tv the arrow that turn…)

Thanks for any reply or comment

Regards, Mauro

Follow my latest recap of the actions and scenario that I have:

  • WD TV connected by cable at the local LAN with release 1.02.17

  • IP Adrress is configured by DHCP

  • Media are available on a local NAS into the same LAN and/or external HD (My Elements 3T)

After a reset of the WD TV, it seems that all work fine. After 6 hour we do not meet any issue. It will be under monitor in order to verified if work properly in the next days

Thanks, Mauro