WD TV Hub - Videos won't play continuously

I’ve tried all of the options, i.e. “repeat one”, “repeat all”, etc. and I can hit “next” to go to the next video.  But when a video ends I just return to the menu.  Since, for some reason, the playlist functionality is a complete riddle, I’d love a simple solution.

I like this player’s ability to play many formats and act like a DVD when it does, but I’ve poured over the manual and I cannot seem to make a playlist, play videos one after another, or modify the metadata.  I’d think these functions should be intuitive and self-explanitory, but they seem to be the opposite.

My video files are stored on my WD MyCloud.  I’d attempt to create playlists and append metadata in iTunes, but only my music on the MyCloud (an NOT the videos) is visible. 

Has anyone else run across these issues and solved them?  If so, please share.  I really want to love this product, but these are really nagging and odd problems.


Hello there,

I have no tried this on my unit, but if you are trying to play videos from iTunes, i believe if the videos are purchased from iTunes itself these wont be playable. lets see if another user can share some tips or information on this matter.

The metadata is kept in XML files.  Support for embedded metadata in videos is not well supported.  

There’s DOZENS of third party programs out on the net to manage the metadata if you choose, or the Hub will do it itself via the Get Content Info function.

M3U playlists for videos work just fine… I used to use them all the time… Just create a list of relative-path paths to files and you’re all set.

To have continuous play, use the PLAY button on the first video. Not the OK button.