Wd tv hub steam to a kindle fire?

This may be more of kindel Question, but does any one know of an app that can play files stored on the hub? I know the hub is a dlna server as we’ll and I have found several apps that can see files but can’t play them. Just wondering if any one knew of a good app. Preferredly free. Thannks

I am not streaming from the HUB, but i use Skifta to stream from my Windows Home Server onto my kindle fire.  Its a DLNA “client” that runs great on Fire.  I assume you just turn on the WDTV Hub’s DLNA server and Skifta will make the connection and allow you to play.

I tried that player and it works for some files so it probably a codec it doesn’t recongize.  The kindle may not be powerfull enough to do some high res codecs which is fine, It was more of me just dinking around with it.

thanks though.