Wd tv hub & ntfs

I’m trying to transfer files to my WD TV Hub via a 32GB NTFS flash drive, but for some reason the Hub won’t see the flash drive. I can view it in the Disk Manager, but it shows no files of any kind. Anyone else have this problem? or a work around? I’d be happy using Fat32 except I can’t tranfer files larger than 4gb to it… so that defeats the purpose of having 32gbs in the first place…  help!? The drive is brand new, and the hub does work fine with it when its formatted for FAT32…

Connect this drive to your computer and then use the safe remove option. If this does not work, then connect the drive to your computer, look for the WD TV folder, delete this folder and safe remove the drive.

Connect the drive to your WD TV and let see if is detected.