WD TV HD Media Player

Hi All, new to this forum so apologies if its in the wrong section of the forum.

I have a WD TV HD Media Player (WDBABG0000NBK) which I baught a while ago. Eventually it stopped recognising my 2TB WD Exteranal HDD. So been the busy person I am did’nt bother about it and never used it since.

Last week I got round to buying another media player which I put on yesterday  but did’nt work so eventually I put the WD TV HD Media Player back on, lo and behold it worked. GREAT I thought give the poxy one back and use the WD one.

However (Here it comes) today is another story, I put it on and when I pick a film i just get that “timer” (Please wait, loading etc) thing and the film does’nt show. Even the one I watched yesterday without any problems.

I was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction please.

Additional Info:

Firmware Ver: 1.01.77

External HD: WD My Book Essential 2TB External Hard Drive Hi Speed USB

TV Connection: V.1.4 HDMI Cable which I used yesterday.

That device hasn’t been supported for some time now.   I would suggest you try searching in the Community Archive here: