WD TV HD Media Player Won't Show jpg Slideshow on USB thumbdrive

I am a museum docent (volunteer) troubleshooting a Western Digital HD Media Player Model WD00AVN. Serial Number is: 4779-705014

    I tried to run a slide show using a new 16 GB USB thumb drive (FAT32) containing .jpg files in separate folders. I turned on the TV monitor. I turned on the WD player using the WD remote. I inserted the thumb drive into the end USB slot. I selected “Photos” on the VIZIO TV  navigation popup screen. I could not access the drive itself even though inspection on my home computer afterwards showed folders containing my .jpg files. At the very top of the folder list was a “.wd_tv” folder containing a “wdtv.cas” file that I cannot open. I reformated the thumb drive (FAT 32) and copied the .jpg folders back onto the thumb drive.

     The next trial also failed. I could not “see” the file folders again. The on-screen pop-up menu showed INPUT was set to HDMI-1. I inserted the USB thumb drive into the end USB slot. I navigated to “Photos”. There was no indication of the player “seeing” the thumb drive. A message on the screen said:
    “Welcome to Photos
    To view photos, insert a USB
    device containing image files”

    I re-checked that HDMI-1 was the specified INPUT. I navigated to the System Info page. It showed:
         SW Version    2.13
        Channel INFO    Bad Source Format

    The VIZIO TV is Model: VM230XVT

    A month ago the system did work - in a way. It started up and cycled .jpg files in a selected slideshow folder every day for approximately 1 month. Then the system stopped. Inspection of the USB thumb drive on my home computer showed the .wd_tv folder back along with the .jpg folders. If a new thumb drive was used, the system would work again for approximately 1 month. Reformating the failed thumbdrive and copying the .jpg folders back onto the drive from my computer was never successful. It only worked with a new thumbdrive. Now it doesn’t do that.
I hope someone will recognize the symptoms and have a solution.

It sounds to me like you’re navigating the TVs menus, not the WD’s menus.

That’s true. I am reviewing user manual. "Wait for a few minutes while the HD player scans the USB device for media files. (Scanning is enabled by default. If you want to turn off automatic scanning, go to “Enabling/Disabling the Media Library’ on pg 53.” I can’t finish checking this out at this moment. I will Enable media library following the instructions in the WD manual and let you know. I have to drive to the museum to do that tomorrow. Thanks, good tip!

I installed new batteries in WD TV remote control - just in case.
Set the VIZIO Input to HDMI-1.
Used WD TV remote to turn WD TV ON. Power LED was on solid.
Pushed the WD TV “HOME” button. No change in display on VIZIO.
Turned WD TV OFF.
Inserted USB drive (16 GB with 2.1 GB jpg files) into WD TV slot (after deleting the “.wd_tv” folder from previous attempt to run at home).

Left jpg folders alone.
Turned WD TV ON using its remote.
Power LED was ON. Status LED blinked then solid indicating “USB device is being accessed & HD player is in idle mode”.
VIZIO screen showed “No Signal” so I reset the INPUT to HDMI-1 again.
VIZIO screen showed “Invalid Format”.
I Cannot access “HOME” using WD TV remote button. I can’t enable the Media Library.
Shut down.
Back at home, the USB drive contained the “.wd_tv” folder & the jpg folders again.
I could open a jpg selected at random from one of the folders using Photoshop. I deleted the “.wd_tv” folder again.

During past year it was  always necessary to start with a brand new USB drive containing the slide show jpg files in separate folders.
If the system stopped displaying a slide show, the “.wd_tv” folder appeared along with the jpg folders on the USB drive.
Deleting the “.wd_tv” folder did not correct the problem. The USB drive was not recognized again. Reformatting the USB drive to FAT32 did not correct the problem.
USB drive jpg files can be viewed on my home computer and they can be displayed in Photoshop.

-The problem seems reproducible. $5 to $10 a month for new USB drives makes the WD TV expensive to operate &     debug.

-I’m wondering if using the USB thumbdrive directly into the VIZIO slot would work for slideshows with no sound. Take the WD TV out? I’ll try that next.

-That doesn’t answer the question: what’s going on?

The wd_tv folder contains the database files for the WD.   It would appear your Media Library is already enabled.  There’s no need to keep deleting it, it’s supposed to be there.

I think your TV is either messed up or set to the wrong input,

the WD has failed on its HDMI connector, 

or the cable is bad.

Thanks. I will try another HDMI cable.