WD TV HD Media Player wifi: incredible but true

Hi, since my WD TV HD Media Player after a few years is broken, today I have purchased a new WD TV HD Media Player but the new one with wifi (with internet connection). I have connected a hardisk with all of my documentaries I made with my videocamera. The unbelievable thing is that WD TV HD Media Playe doesn’t see my 2 lastest documentaries that I had saved in .mp4. The strange thing is that the old WD TV HD Media Player (not wifi) saw and read them. But still the strangest thing is that WD TV HD Media Playe reads without problems another documentary shot with the same videocamera (Sony AX100) and saved in .mp4. I thought about making some updating to the firmware but I read that the version is 1.02.17, therefore I believe it is the last version. If I do a click on the three fileses in Property I read: MP4 - MPEG-4 video files (.mp4). There the same writing but 2 fileses are not read.
Can you give me some suggestions?

Hi there,

What error do you get when you try to play those files? I would also like to know if this happens with network connection or a USB drive connected to it?

WD TV HD Media Player doesn’t see those files therefore I don’t get any error.


The first file of the first link is OK and the player reads that file. The second one is not OK, WD TV HD Media Player even doesn’t see it. They look equal but WDTV Media Player sees one file only, the first one.

I have just solved my problem. WD TV HD Media Player doesn’t like the previous version of HandBrake. Now with updated HandBrake everything works fine.