WD TV HD Media Player not fully powering on?!

My WD TV hd media player isn’t working its not even showing up on the tv in the menu or start up. The power light is on but doesn’t seem as bright as it usually is and when I plug a hard drive into it the USB light doesn’t flash or turn on but the hard drive turns on (I’ve tried two different hard drives a passport and a cord powered elements) so I pulled it all apart to see if anything was loose or looks odd and looks pretty sound but then I noticed when I plugged the power cord in the USB light would come on for under a second then sort of short circuited out?! This is my brothers but he hasn’t used it in years but would still be mad if I broke it, so help please! I’ve never had a problem with it before.


Please try connecting the media player directly to a wall outlet. Also, if possible try a replacement power adapter just for testing purposes.