WD TV HD Media Player: Disabling Audio File Message

Hi there,

I have recently purchased the WD TV HD media player to playback some artwork HD video.


When looping the .mov files a message appears about the audio file. What it is, or if there is an audio signal at all.

Can anyone advise as to how to get rid of the audio message?

In an ideal world the .mov files would ALSO loop seamlessly without going to black (they would pause on the last frame) and no audio message would appear.

I have done the latest firmware upgrade and still no change.

To avoid the going to black I have had to edit my clip so it is an hour long, rather than 5 minutes.

Any help or advice would be most appreciated.


Hi Busyb,

You have the WDTV HD Gen 2 player.  The message about audio file type being displayed, and having this removed from the interface has been added as a future feature request and may be removed in a future firmware update.  Unfortunately, engineering does not provide a schedule as to when a firmware release will occur or what features may be fixed or added.

To answer your second question, currently none of our units support seamless multi/single file playback, as this would require considerable caching of the next available file or the existing file.  The continual playback feature executes at the end of a file, and is not a hard-set feature.  Hard set meaning as this feature can be enabled or disabled during playback, the unit does not check for these setting until the file has completed.