WD TV HD: How to avoid seeing the player controls when a video is started?


My good old faithful WD TV HD from 2009 is going to be used in a public show as video player :smileyvery-happy:

Because we need to launch video clips at very precise moments (in synch with the live stage action), I would like to avoid the 5~6 seconds delay during which the controls appear on top of the video when a clip is started (or resumed from pause). Even if we control what’s going on screen with a HDMI video mixer, 5~6 seconds is a too long lead for good sync.

Any setting or hint to accomplish this ?

To modify anything on older WDTV’s you need to install Custom Firmware

i used to use (and create osd’s) for the Old players … but it’s been a very long while, from fuzzy memory …

download a stock osd.bin  … mount and extract the contents (via Linux) modify the video_run.xml … repack to an osd.bin file (again, in Linux … sudo -mkcramfs )  copy to flashdrive at it should load at boot

To summarize … later WDTV’s that Support “Themes”  (eg. Live Hub, Live Streaming, Personal Edtion) it’s much easier to do.

If you had any of those 3 devices … no problems, i could give you links to achieve it (quickly and easily)

but none of them will work on a 2009 WDTV HD Media Player …

Thanks for the suggestions…I was fearing this…will see  if I can’t use another kind of player for our show