I  bought this unit several years ago (which has not had any firmware updates) but migrated to another make which is now giving some problems so I have come back to the WD unit.  It works fine but am curious if I should update any firmware, assuming there is any still available.  I would generally leave things alone if they are working but I have a slight annoyance when playing videos.  If I play a video folder it drills down to the first video file and plays nicely once selected but it stops at the end of the file.  The screen then shows the video files list and I just click on the next and off it goes until the end of the file, and so on.  A bit annoying but I can live with this rather than screw up an firmware updates that may not add any real value.  Any suggestions?

Many thanks.

This device has been end of lifed.  There are no new firmware updates.