WD TV HD - entering danish letters?


I live in Denmark.

I have just bought a WD TV HD LIVE MEDIA PLAYER WIFI but I don’t see how I enter danish letters on the on-screen keyboard. Can I buy and use an ordinary wireless USB keyboard and then be able to enter the danish letters?

Will the WD TV HD LIVE MEDIA PLAYER WIFI interface ever be available in a danish language interface?

Kind regards,



I see that the problem is associated to the Youtube app and its lack of danish letters and other special characters.

I don’t know if this problem is present in other apps in WD TV HD LIVE MEDIA PLAYER WIFI.

Hello and welcome, unfortunately Danish letters are not supported. 


Thank you for your answer.

Do you know if there is any chance that WD TV HD / Live will be able to support

a danish menu and danish letters by a later update?