WD TV GEN2 Photo Speed

Can someone please upload on youtube or point me to some video of th WD TV Gen 2 (not  live) viewing photos.

Is the FF and RW any better for home movies on thsi box too ?

I don’t know about home videos but…

The Gen2 does seem to be a little smoother when it comes to FF and RW than the Gen1, simply because it uses a faster chip… But I still consider it to be unacceptable as far as coming out of FF or RW is concerned. It always puts you a few seconds (probably about 10) on either side of where you hit the play button (never consistant though) which is completely annoying when you’re trying to get to a certain part of a movie or just rewind a few seconds so you can hear something you missed.

Thanks, I wish they would fix this !

How about Photo Viewing perfomance, Ive seen video on youtube for teh MINI and its fsat hows teh WD GEN 2?

The WD2 is pretty slow on very large sized photos. I don’t know if that’s a hardware thing or firmware. Can’t give more specifics since I only tested the thing with a few pictures.

They look great on a big HDTV though.