WD TV (Gen 2) Cannot play or do anything

Hello everyone, this is little late I presume, couple of years, but I just tried to set this up and make it work, but none of the apps are really working
Youtube does load search results, I can log in, but it never plays the videos.
TuneIn says the formats are not supported when ever I try to play a radio station
File browser as in Photos, Videos do not read the Flash memory

How do I set this up and install custom formats? Little help and tutorial will help a lot.
Also I presume some moders here exist, is it possible to custom flash android on this, I would expect this box to at least have 256 mb of RAM.

I am using the latest firmware 1.03.07

4 Years to be exact. Firmware 1.03.07 was the last firmware before support ended.

Those apps have been discontinued by the 3rd party companies that provided them

You can’t. The WD TV media players are locked down video/audio codec hardware decoders with no support or the ability for software decoding.

Also I presume some moders here exist, is it possible to custom flash android

Nope. If you want Android, buy an Android Box or a Raspberry Pi 3 or 4 (i’ve been using Raspberry Pi 2/3 for the last 5 years and it’s brilliant. No issues and does everything i need)

Well I hate to sound like a troll but this is a device that is legacy…no longer supported. Most of the apps will no longer work, most likely because there have been so many updates to the sites they access. No you can’t flash android to it. Your efforts would be better placed at tossing it in the trash and getting a Windows based HTPC, like a Zotac Zbox B series, and simply installing Kodi Media Server on it.

I tried android TV boxes and just couldn’t deal with the limited amount of OS updates they get. Seems like you might get from Android V8 to 9 but that’s it. Then in a short period of time you’re buying a new device to keep up. If you’re already a Windows user there is no learning curve and it’s updated all the time and runs on some pretty old hardware too. Naturally if you’ve never used Kodi then you’ll have to learn how to set it up on your new device and use it but it isn’t that hard. So unless you just enjoy the fight, give up, move on and be happy :grin:

I swear by Raspberry Pi’s (with Kodi) … but that’s just me :wink:

Been using them for years with no issues :slight_smile:

Yeah I’ve been wanting to tinker with one of those for a while. I might just buy one to try it out. But I like my Windoze and it just seems to be be less of a problem with Kodi.

then you probably wont like Linux :wink:

Hi Joey,

Can you post the links to all of the WDTV Gen 2 rollback zips?

The only one I can find is wdtv_rollback_1.00.42 - but presumably there are others?

Just having a play around with an old Gen 2 box, but YouTube only displays white screen. I’ll at least play around with some of the rollbacks before giving up!


No there aren’t … It only received a couple of firmware updates.

Firmware 1.00.42 is for the last WD TV Media Player (the one were they removed Netflix Support) which was released Mid 2014 and discontinued in 2016 … only a year and half later…

All other WDTV Media Players received numerous updates since they were on the market for 5~6 Years before being discontinued.