WD TV Gen 1 Auto Fits 4:3... WD TV Live Doesn't


My old WD TV Gen 1 automatically fits 4:3 video on my widescreen LCD (I never had to change the Picture Size setting of my LCD); and my new WD TV Live doesn’t (even when I change its aspect ratio setting to Normal and Widescreen).

Is there a fix for this being worked on?

Thank you.


I am also missing that and it’s bothering me too.

It seems the WD Live is not supporting this (yet). At least I could not find a ‘fit to screen’ setting and the zoom is not good for that.

I do hope the next FW is adding that feature!

Same problem. 4:3 dont fit to wide 16:9. An update for this will be useful. 

Already one topic is there with 4:3 not stretching. This is very annoying bug and could have been resolved with any of the firmware released recently.

I’ve posted this on the Ideas Lab:


So, please give it Kudos so the WD Team will take priority on this issue.