WD TV freezing

I recently got a current gen WD TV. It is hard wired to my Netgear router which has an attached USB 3.0 WD Passport drive for media. The router uses SMB to provide the media to the WD TV. THe WD TV uses HDMI and is set to output 1080P, 60hz.I am not using the Media Library at present.

Frequently,after about 1 1/2 hours of playing video files, the WD TV frreezes and becomes completely unresponsive. Unplugging and replugging is needed to unfreeze it.

It does not seem particularly hot, and I put 1/4" spacers under it for better airflow. 

Any ideas? In general are there fewer issues like this with locally attached disks vs SMB mounts?

That’s the question. If your bug is a variation of  #4 we still don’t know how to reproduce it.

Thanks. I’ve switched to directly attaching the USB drive to the WD Player. If there are no freezes in 2 weeks or so, I’ll assume the issue was network related. 

One thing for certain is that there is a lot less code in the execution path with direct attached disk.

In the interests of identifying potential data / further info against #4 raised earlier by Techflaws; I have also experienced this freezing (but not that often).

I am using a WDTV Media Player (latest generation with upto date firmware) which is hardwire connected to my network via CAT 6 cable to a NAS (QNAP TS409 Pro) through a Netgear Router/switch, and HDMI to the AV/TV system.  The affected movie was Avatar, which froze as described by Dave_O earlier at about the 1 1/2 hour mark approx.   The movie is a MKV file backup of my disk (lossless copy of the main title from a Blue Ray disk) using MKVMake and manually selecting the title to be copied.

I have not experienced the problem with other movies (yet) and had put this down to the length of movie until reading this post.  I will run the movie again and see what happens.  Is there any background settings/logging I can do to assist (please advise clearly I am a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to some of this :slight_smile: )

As a noobie, it is taking me a while to read through everything so the delayed response/report is regretted.    I hope this limited info may help in identifying the issue?



Not really, since it’s done with MakeMKV which is pretty much all I use too. I’m still suspecting this is network related, either cause you’re playing from network or your player is connected to it while playing from USB and some packet is messing up the WDTV. Some people reported network issues (but not those freezes IIRC) to go away after switching their router to 100mbit which is what the WDTV supports anyway.

Thanks again Techflaws.  My router is for broadband cable with 100mbit enabled - but I agree it does look suspiciously like a newwork issue :slight_smile:



After 1 week using the locally attached disk, averaging 3 hrs / day, there have been no freezes. With the WD TV’s SMB server running all the time, it’s very convienent to move files from the PC to the USB disk attached to the WD TV.

It was helpful to see this post as I am now experiencing the same problem. Thanks to all for the input. In my case I am using the device for 2 years and this has never happened. Just started a few days ago. I source all the content from a hard drive connected to the USB. I don’t index anything from my network. It was working great and all of a sudden the device started freezing. It happens usually after going to standby, sometimes in screen saver mode, and sometimes even when playing content. Has anyone gotten any good feedback from WD? They tell me my model is no longer supported :frowning: Thanks to all.