WD tv file quits in the same spot every time? Can't use "skip to time" function OR fast forward?

Okay number one super annoying process to make an account for these forums…

Second, My WD-TV that I just got for christmas seems to have an issue.   I have my media set up on a WD my cloud network disc over the network and the WD-tv is connected via wifi.  

I’m trying to watch my movie that is stored on the network hard drive and at the same point every time it fails.  It’s like I just pushed the stop button; it stops playing and goes back to the menu where I can pick what video file to play. It’s a 1080p HD mp4 file.  And the file plays perfectly on my computer, without any glitches or skips yet at the same spot when I try to play it on the WD-TV it quits like i just pushed the stop button. 

Also, I can’t fast forward in any way without making this thing act like I just pushed the stop button.   Any way I try to fast forward, it screws the video.  I’ll try to fast forward at like 32X, then press play and it has the orange spinney arrow for a few seconds then it’s like I pressed stop.   I’ll go back into it again and say “resume” when i play it again; orange spinney, pressed stop.   Then I’ll let it go at 2x for like 3 years until i get to where i want to be and SAME THING.  like i pressed stop.  I’ll let it fast forward at 2x, press the other >> button to make it skip ahead 10 minutes, try to play and it’s like i pressed stop. 

Even if i enter the time to skip to it will try to load that then act like i pressed stop. 

And it does this to EVERY single video I have. all different file types.  What’s the issue here?? Come on I thought this would work out of the box.  

It usually does and I find it very hard to believe it would stop at the exact same spot for every single file (or each file’s own exact spot).

My first thought is have you updated to the most recent firmware?

If you have and since the file is stored on a WD drive, try running it via the drives twonky server.

videos - media server - your server (probably the name of your WD drive)

Most of my mp4’s are 1.6 GB or less.  One that was 2.5 GB would only play via a media server however I could play a much larger ISO with no problem.  I suspect the problem file was due to a network issue and not the file itself.

yeah texh flaws that’s what I meant. 

Yes it’s the most updated version of the firmware. 

Thanks guys for responding, so I got it to play the entire file through Network Shares then windows Shares (or mac share) That allowed me to add things to the media library, skip forward, skip to time – etc.    But now there is the issue that sometimes all the media dissappears from my library and/or when I go to Network Shares and try to scan the drive, it says “no media available” even though it’s there and accessible if I go through “media server”.  

But if I play these thru media server, I can’t skip and fast forward.    Do you think I need to run the most updated version of Twonky?  I have two WD drives and one is the world book II, 1TB.  It runs twonky 5.  My WD Cloud runs twonky 7 and still had the same issue as before so not sure if that would make a difference. 

I think what I need is to figure out how to use the network share without it forgetting all the media files.  Does anyoe have an idea why it forgets they’re all there?

Jeez is this thing buggy for anyone else?   

I go to add my video folder to have a shortcut from the main screen… crashes the WD tv.   So the thing re-started, then it did “compiling media library”  Okay, so that took forever and finished and now when I go to videos and select the source to be “My Media Library” I get “no files found”.  So I try it again 2 minutes later and then I only have the folder for one of my movies?? Just one!  I have like 30 movies saved to my WD drive. 

Also, if I use the Twonky media server as the source, none of the video “album art” shows up for any of my movies or movie folders.   I read the thing where if you save a picture as “folder.jpg” in the folder it will show that picture… but that only works when I do “network shares” as the source.  

Omg, so so buggy!  I was just browsing through my movies using “network share” as my source to my network hard drive… all I did was push the right arrow button over to get to the next page of videos and the thing shuts its self down to restart.  :confounded: What’s gong on with this?? 

I think you should cantact WD and see if you got a bad box. What you are seeing as 1 movie may be a folder.  1st thing I would do is click on it. For movies, instead of folder.jpg, give the jpg the same name as the movie.  Use folder.jpg if you have them subdivided by folder


DVDs - folder.jpg

   Frozen.mp4 - Frozen.jpg

   Lion King - folder.jpg

      Lion King.mp4 - Lion King.jpg

      Lion King 2.mp4 - Lion King 2.jpg

  Gravity.mp4 - Gravity.jpg

Home Movies - folder.jpg

   Vacation 2014 - folder.jpg

      beach.mp4 - beach.jpg

      zoo.mp4 - zoo.jpg
   Wedding - folder.jpg

      wedding.mp4 - wedding.jpg

      dinner.mp4 - dinner.jpg

Today was my first major problem. I viewed a trailer on youtube via the options menu.  Locked up the WD but my network was just fine.  Looking at the board for the previous media player, I don’t think WD does enough testing before release and expect more firmware updates.