WD TV direct connection to Mac - help please!

I am trying to connect my WD HD player to my Mac with no luck. I have it connected directly via Ethernet cable as the router is too far away but every combination of IP/Subnet/Gateway and DNS server is coming up blank. Previously I had an Xbox 360 connected to Connect360 on my Mac and that worked OK. I replicated some of the settings but the WD is asking for a DNS server address which I can’t seem to find (not the correct one that is). Please could someone help me connect this as it’s driving me slowly mad. Many, many thanks in advance.

Welcome to the forums.

First of all, this is the WD Live/Plus forum, so you might want to try posting in the WD HD forum.  The two units MAY behave similar in this regard, but they may not and people in that forum may have better advice for you (although our net expert Tony here may have some good ideas anyway).

Similarly, you might also try posting in the Apple forums – those folks are amazing and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if there aren’t people there familiar with the WD products (I used to spend way too much time on their forums).  If nothing more they will have more expertise on Mac products than is available here.

I presume you have a Live or Live+ since they’re the only boxes with Ethernet interfaces.  :)

In order for the network connection test to pass, the devices must:

  • be able to “ping” the IP address assigned as the Default Gateway.

  • be able to find a host out on the internet

  • be able to resolve Names.

If you’re not hooking directly up to your router, but instead are connecting your WD to your MAC directly, then you won’t be able to pass the test unless you configure your MAC to bridge between the two interfaces.

Hi Tony

many thanks for your reply (despite me posting in the wrong forum!).

Is it a simple task to configure my Mac in such a way?

Many thanks again.

If you have a Live/Live+, then you are in the right forum. :slight_smile:

I really know NOTHING about Mac configuration.  I haven’t so much as touched a Mac since, oh, 1992 or so…

Like I said, try the Apple forum.  They are really terrific people there and know far more than anyone here would ever know.