Wd tv "dead" plus

Received my WD LIVE PLUS this week after just having signed up for Netlfix I wanted something simple to view the instant content without plugging in my notebook to to TV or having to buy a Wii, etc.   My wife was not as excited as I was (she doesn’t appreciate my geekiness)

Anyway, everything was easy to set up and we were enjoying Netlfix, Youtube (using wired, not wi-fi, just to eliminate any possible headaches from that) and I even had my external USB drive with some DIVX movies playing fantastic. 

However, today, after only 3 days it appears to be completely dead.  Can’t boot, won’t even respond to the paperclip reset.  Just sits there with a bit WD logo.  Now, granted, we were using it pretty heavily, but I didn’t see any warnings about limiting the time of usage to avoid damage…

So I figured, OK, bad luck.  I’ll get an RMA and see how good their return policy/process is.  Duh duh duh… Got an internal server error on the RMA web form.

So now here I sit, 125 bucks poorer and not able to enjoy my purchase.

Just venting and wondering, anyone else having similar experience with WD TV “DEAD” PLUS?

Welcome to the forums.

Aside from the RMA issues, let me ask the obvious (just to be thorough) – did you try unplugging it and then plugging it back in?

The Live will indeed get “stuck” at times and require a power off that can only be accomplished by unplugging it.  If you’ve already tried that, just forget this whole message (and sorry to have bothered you).

Yeah, just like anything else, these things are going to be bothered by the occasional “DOA…”  It stinks to be on the receiving end of one.   Was it not possible to return it to the retailer you purchased it from?

Yes, tried unplugging it (and leaving unplugged for extended period).  Unplugged all devices except TV, etc. 

I got it from Amazon.   You think that would be a better way to return/exchange rather than through WD?

ABSOLUTELY.  Amazon will turn it around a lot faster.

Amazon returns are as easy as they come – I do it all the time.

Just say “doesn’t work” for reason and they will refund shipping costs as well.  If you kept the box and packing (which you always should with Amazon for at least 30 days) it’s easy to repack, print out the free shipping label they give you, and drop off at the post office or UPS (it will say which on the label – usually UPS).

The only downside to Amazon is they refund your money and it does take a while (up to three weeks).  They don’t do exchanges, so you’lll need to reorder the item (and thus, for a while, you’ll have the two charges on your card).  But otherwise it’s completely painless (except for the trip to the shipping place).

Thanks for the info!  Have the Amazon return in process.  They offered an exchange option but I chose refund because I’m not sure I want the WD Live Plus anymore.  Think I’ll try out the competiion.  Although it doesn’t look like Roku will play any of my local media I mostly want something to stream Netflix, etc…  I can live with hooking my notebook up for the occasional DIVX movie.

Seems that you got a bad apple, if I was you I would give a second unit a try, You can get one from Bestbuy, if anything you have a 14-30 day return policy with them on most items, what do you have to loose?

By the way, if you try that route, make sure you look at BestBuy.com.   Their price has been much lower than the shelf price, and if you take it to the register and tell them, they’ll honor the online price.  Both of my Live’s came from Best Buy, who was only about $10 more than Amazon, and instant gratification.  

OK, I’m not in a big hurry but I’ll check the Best Buy option since I do have one close by.  I do like the additional features of the WD.  I played with the “Play To” feature in Windows Media Center (before it died), which was sort of cool, but for some reason no matter which video I told it “Play To” it would just play the first file in the folder.  I suppose I can give each movie/file its own folder :)   I suppose I’ll give it one more chance before I switch brands.  I’ll post later with the outcome.  Thanks again for all the great feedback.  The community here seems really helpful which is a “plus”.