WD TV crashing regularly

Hi, my new WD TV is crashing quite regularly, really annoying. I’m playing a variety of video files, MP4, blu ray rips, ISOs etc, there seems to be no pattern. It’ll just play some of a file and then go to a blank screen, and won’t respond until I yank the power (no matter how long I leave it). Sometimes it’ll be a few minutes into a file, sometimes late, sometimes it won’t start playing it at all, the unifying theme being a blank screen, no sound, and no response.

I’m using the current firmware. My files are all stored on a NAS via a wired network, and I have no problem playing these files on my PC. Any suggestions? I’ll trying email WD support too…

Have you try it playing some movies from a USB drive connected to your WD TV? If so and it still crash, you might have a bad WD  TV and will need to replace the device.