Wd tv cloud question

Hi there. I am currently transferring all my CDs to my computer but would like to clear the space from there to an outside storage device. If I put it all onto a wd tv cloud device am I able to then hook up to my stereo hdmi cable and play my music from there? I also have a wd tv live box if there is another idea? Thanks for the help.

Don’t know exactly as you havent given enough info.  But I doubt the cloud device has HDMI?

Also depends on your stereo.

MY WD NAS (same as your cloud???) does all you ask (except the HDMI bit) and my WD TV Live also accesses my NAS, PC and Laptop.  :smiley:

Thanks for the reply. Not sure what other info is needed but here we go. I would prefer to not keep my music library on my laptop and would instead like to store it in the wd cloud so that I can simply access it from there when needed. With my wd live I load files on a flash drive which I plug into the wd live and then connect to my stereo reciever thru an hdmi cable to play video/pictures on my tv and audio thru my reciever/stereo. I’m looking for a way to store all that same stuff yet have the ability to play/view it all the same way as my wd live box. I might not totally understand the capabilities of these two devices but if I have everything stored on the wd cloud can I just have my wd live hooked to my reciever with an hdmi and access all the files from the wd cloud thru my wd live box? I guess what I’m wondering is if the wd cloud and wd live box connect wirelessly and the content on the cloud is accessible on the wd live box wirelessly. Hope that makes some kind of sense. Thanks

Yes   :smiley:

I have the same setup but with a NAS WD.  I don’t specifically do music but I do videos.  My WD TV Live can see my NAS (I imagine your “cloud” is anothet name for NAS???).

I also “share” folders on my PC HDDs.

If I go into the WD TV and select Network - Windows Shares I see my Windows PC and my MY BOOK LIVE.  If I select WINDOWS PC I see the “share” folders on my PC.  If I select MYBOOKLIVE I see my NAS which has thousands of movies on it.

I would imagine it would be the same with music, just a different initial selection - Music instead of Movies???.

Perfect. Thanks for taking the time to help me out. I did a bit more research as well and it looks like the the wd cloud will detect the wd live hub and stream thru it. One last question, will I need to download specific apps to my PC to make this all work? Thanks again

No special programs on Windows or anything else.

You know, of course, that you can access the cloud from your PC too?  AND, if you have any storage (Flash drives, external HDDs) plugged into your WD TV Live, they can be accessed, directly, from the PC.  So you can copy from a PC drive straight to, for instance, a flash drive on the WD TV Live.  My daughter has a 1Tb portable external permanently on her WD TV Live SMP. Copying to and from her WD TV Live has endless possibilities.   :slight_smile:

All from straight forward Windows 7.  You may have problems using XP though.  A mate of mine cannot access his WD TV from his XP system nor vice versa.   :frowning:

I download stuff on my PC and watch everything directly from the WD TV Live without any copying etc, straight from the download folder.

The options are endless.  :smiley:

I didn’t know that. Up till now I have been plugging the flash into my PC and transferring files then plugging the flash back into the wd live to access them. The wd live is still pretty new to me and I haven’t had a to of time to mess around with it so I am sure I still have zero idea just how amazing it is. Any other ideas or help would be appreciated. Also, I’m running windows 8, anything I need to know for setting up on there?

I have Win8 on my laptop but almost never access the WD TV Live from it so I can’t comment but I expect, with tiny differences, it will be much like Win7.

The WD TV Live SMP is truely amazing.  It can copy to and from almost anything.  But, I admit I haven’t tried it with my iPad or iPhone but that is what I have my little used AppleTV  :frowning:

Just have a “play”.  :)  It’s the best thing since sliced bread   :smiley:

k.  so i got streaming from my phone working today but cant get it from my pc.  when i try from my pc and hit the wdtv under devices i get a black screen on the tv that shows the title of what should be playing with a status bar under but nothing else.  no picture or sound.  any ideas?  thanks

oh yeah, windows 8

I’m sorry, I have no idea what devices you are talking about. Using Windows Explorer choose the folder you want to share and go throughout the “share” process.
Then on the WDTV go into Music, Windows Shares, choose your PC then the shared folder then the music concerned and it will play.
Granted I’m on W7 but I have 5 shared folders and no trouble selecting any of them. From the little “play” I had with W8 it was much the same…