WD Tv chokes when connected to (3) 3t wd mybook hdd in Library function

I have WD Tv, wi-fi and connected to 3 - 3tb wd my book hdd.  the unit will list content of each drive seperately, however when I change sys settings to (Media Library) to “ON”, the unit starts reading data, and the light blinks for up to 6 hours before I stopped it.  I then had to reboot the device to get back the operaton.

I called customer support they said this was too much data for the device, and it can’t compile the library.  Is this because of an internal memory, or a software issue?

My question; is this correct, and is there any workaround to create the Library? Will WD fix this problem in the future or will I have to continue to use the individule drives?  Is there a limit to the number of connections to the unit?

Thanks for your help

Okay, this isn’t ‘too much data’ (GB-wise).  I have mine connected to 3 x 6TB WD HDDS containing just over 1,000 films + another 3tb networked My Book Live containing around 1,000-2,000 other files (TV episodes, trailers, pop videos, basically anything video other than films).

I believe there’s more of a problem with the number of files, rather than the amount of GB they take up.  If your 9tb is full of low bitrate mp3s you might have a big problem.

Anyway, try the following:

1 - Turn the media library off

2 - Clear the media library.

3 - Turn off network shares.  Turn off media scraping

4 - Eject each hard drive and then do a full power off on the WD (press red power button for c.5 seconds until the unit shuts down.

5 - Attach each HDD individually to your PC and ensure the .wd.tv. file is deleted (you may have to view hidden folders to do this).

6 - Attach one HDD to your player and turn the player on.  Wait until the ‘attaching to USB device’ banner disappears on the top.

7 - Turn the Media Library on and wait for it all to log (wait for the ‘compiling media library’ banner to disappear)

8 - Eject the drive, turn the media library off, turn the player fully off (full power down).

9 - Repeat with all three drives

10 - You should now be in a position where each drive has the media library file on it, the media library, network shares and media scraping is turned off on the player, and the player is completely off.

10 - Plug all 3 drives back in to the player while it’s still powered right down.  Turn the player on and wait for the player to connect to all three.

11 - Turn the media library on.

12 - The player should go through the usual cycle of finding all three drives.  Then, with the media library on, it should take just a few minutes (maybe 5) aggregating the 3 existing libraries.

This sort of process works for me on two different players, each with a different array of drives.  The first is as described above.  The second is 3 drives, one 1tb and two 2tb.  Two of the drives contain films.  One of the 2tb drives contains all non-film video and loads of music (maybe 20,000 tracks).

Creating the latter (for the caravan) was a right pain in the arse, until I tried the above process.  I think I had to leave each of the 3 drives for up to 30 minutes to compile (the one with the music filmes might have been longer - an hour or two - not sure), but then when the player was turned on with everything attached it only took 5 or 10 minutes to add everything together.

Hope it helps.

What fowls thing up is ejecting individual drives, and plugging drives back in on their own.  If I ever need to eject a drive to add content, I always finish the process by ejecting all drives, and fully powering down the player, re-connecting the drives with the player off, and only turning the player back on when all drives are connected.

Personally, I find it helps if all the drives, player, and powered USB hub are all plugged into the same 6 or 8 gang.  With the player powered off I turn the switcgh for the 8 gang off at the wall (or switch on the 8 gang, if there is one).  I finally turn everything back on together with the flick of one switch.

And wait.

One last thing, this works for me with 2 of my powred USB hubs, but not another that I have.  You might need to change your hub.

Some of the above may be unnecessary, but if I do all that it always works, for me.

Steve W