WD TV can't find new movies on WB Passport

We got my parents a WD TV Media Player & a WD WiFi Hard Drive (PassPort) which has been working great. We have a similar set up at home with the WD TV & a Seagate Hard-drive run through twonky at home no problems. I’ve come to their place for the weekend & given them all our new movies. Loaded them onto the drive, drive shows they are there. Problem is when I turn the WD TV back on & tell it to refind the Media Server can’t “see” or “find” any of the new movies, it can’t see or find them within files ether. They are all different formats so its not discriminating. Its told me there are no software or firmware updates to do.

Hi there and welcome to the WD community.

Have you tried to check if by going to local storage the files come up, I suppose you have the drive connected directly to the media player?


Yes we checked by going to the local storage & the files don’t come up. But if we plug it into any Mac/Pc the files show on the drive. Its like its holding a cache. We can’t remember if there was a program we needed to use to move the movies onto the drive or if they could just be added like a normal harddrive (which is what we do with ours at home)