WD TV cannot obtain IP address over wired connection

I have a new WD TV Live and an existing D-Link DIR-655.  When I try to connect over a wired connection, the new WD TV Live cannot obtain a DHCP IP address.  When I configure it manually (available IP, subnet, gateway, DNS) it does not work either (no DNS resolution, no Internet connectivity).  The networking green and orange lights are on indicating a connection though. 

When I configure it wirelessly, it works but stutters, so I need it wired.  It has the latest firmware and I tried a factory reset as well, no luck.

This new WD TV Live unit is replacing an older WD TV unit.  The older WD TV unit works just fine over the same cable, I have swapped it back and forth with the old one still working fine.  The new WD TV Live unit though still cannot obtain an IP.

Any suggestions?

That is weird, have you try contacting WD Support? This router is in the list of supported devices.