WD TV audio static and video glitches (tear)

So after countless tries and searching through posts my dell venue 11 windows 8.1 connects. I have to search for the WD TV each time but it does connect.

Via HDMI, the PC display is mirrored but with video glitches/tears (tried multiple resolutions). Approximately every 30 sec for about 5 sec I get a burst of audio static.

I wanted to upgrade from a netgear PVT3000 I have which with the same router, video settings, cable (HDMI and TV) and tablet does not have audio or video problems.

Looks like the product was not really tested before release so it’s being returned.

Hi nsystems, welcome to the WD Community. Are you using a wireless connections for the WD TV? The problem you are describing could be cause by a week wireless signal. 

Seemss to me like you have a faulty HDMI cable or perhaps a faulty HDMI connector on either the PC or possibly on the WD player itself.  Many problems such as yours stem from HDMI cables; especially brand new (and untested) ones… 

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