WD TV appears to be messing up my HARD DRIVES -- Help

Every time I remove my hard drives and plug them in to my computer I have to “repair and scan” my hard drives as though they were removed from an outlet without doing so safely.

I never plug them in to the WD TV while it’s on, only when it’s off. When I shut the hub off I hold the power button for 3 seconds until both the hub light goes off and the power light goes off on the external hard drive plugged in. From all perspectives it would seem I am turning on and shutting down the unit properly, but then when I remove the hard drive–while the power is OFF, sometimes long after I’ve shut it down–and hook it up to my computer to put files on it, I have to “repair” it every single time.

I don’t know what else to do, but I don’t want this thing crashing my drives. Help me out…

So you’re not EJECTING them before killing the power?

No, didn’t know there was an option to “eject” them. Didn’t have to do that with the old model–just shut it down, and the hard drive shut down with it.

Thanks, I’ll see about finding out how to do that.

Look at the remote… Bottom row of buttons. .BTW, Same thing on ALL WDTV models from day one. The older models didn’t have the force shutdown you’re talking about, so it is a different thing.

Yeah, so even the eject button doesn’t work. I’ll eject it, it’ll give me the green check confirming it’s ejected, I shut the hub down and then remove the hard drive, and still I get the same **bleep** when I hook it  up to my computer.

And the old grey model DID force shut down. Never ejected a hard drive once, shutting the hub down did all the work. You’re wrong, but that’s okay.

Anyway, we can agree this one doesn’t, so any other solutions would be welcomed. Otherwise I might have to see about replacing it, because I’m out of ideas.

I have had a similar issue once or twice when moving around external drives from the hub to a PC (but only happened a few times out of many times doing this) The PC would tell me that there was an issue with the drive and ask if I wanted to repair it. I answered no and everything would then work fine with it attached to the PC. Then bac to the HUB without issue… Not sure what that means but I would certainly not allow the PC to try and fix the drive. Never had a problem reading files on either the PC or the HUB after getting this message and refusing the fix.

good luck