WD TV and a Windows Domain

Hello, I just purchased a WD TV to connect to a Windows 2008 AD domain for a school.  The WD TV is set to WORKGROUP and when I went  to add it to our domain, it only allowed so many characters.  Out domin name is longer than the allowed amount.  I am trying to connect to a Windows share so a user can update a video weekly that will be played though our WD TV on  various televisions on our campus, without having to go and update USB sticks plugged into the WD TV or the television.

Is joining a domain with the WD TV not the right path to acces Windows shares on a Windows domain?


Tony Yenshaw


Techflaws, thanks for the reply/forward.  My WDTV is on the same subnet of the file servers and just spins when trying to contact Windows shares.  We have a very stable network and domain and our DFS/Namespace works great.  Is there something else that has to be done to the windows file server shares that will allow this to work?


Usually all you have to do is be in the same workgroup. Of course, there seem to be some issues with networking in general for some: