WD TV 1080P media player .mov issue from lumix TZ3

Hi ,

just bought one of these and set up, thought this is brilliant as plays all music and photo’s, yet for some reason will not playing .mov video shot on my Lumix TZ3 camera. it plays movies shot recently on kodak zi8 as thats an HD video camera.

I’m completely non-technical so is this not recognising the format of the other video’ s as they were shot on a non HD machine?

on my external 150GB WD drive - i have set up folders to assist (Music, Photo’s, Videos)

videos are broken down into years 2008/2009/2010. none of the 2008/2009/2010 videos shot on the lumix work as saying ‘not recognised format’ yet the videos shot on the zi8 in the 2010 folder work fine

please help as been looking for device like this for ages but is pointless of cant play the majority of videos


Sounds like your camera is putting them into an odd format. Do a google search for “Mediainfo” (all one word, without the quotes). Get a full mediainfo log on one of your videos and reply back here with it- at the very least I can tell you if it is a supported format so you can determine if the problem is with your unit or the files. -

There appears to be issues with the codec sets that some camera manufacturers use.  It’s not just the WDTV HD – many PC applications can’t import a Lumix TZ3 .mov file (as well as can’t import video from other cameras).

WD was quite specific about which codecs in a .mov container the WDTV HD would support.

Non-Technical answer:

Just because it says “.mov”, doesn’t mean it’s the exact same KIND of video information inside the file.  There can be various types of video inside a .mov file, and the WDTV HD only claims to support 2 of them.  It appears as if the type that the TZ3 writes is not one of the supported ones.

As Aardvark says, if you can use a tool like MediaInfo" to peek into the file and see what kind of video it contains, we can give a definite answer as to whether it is a supported type or not.

Unfortunately, in all likelihood you’re going to have to end up converting the files into something the WDTV HD can recognize.