WD trying to charge $149 to get my MY Book Working

I bought a WD “My Book” 8 TB drive. The drive was supposed to include back-up software. On the drive was “Install Discovery for Windows.exe” which I assumed was the backup software. When I tried to install it the application said “Installation failed we are experiencing issues please try again later.”. When I tried again later it still failed. It then takes you to some chat thing that asks if they can take control of your computer to fix it. It asks you to download “Zd_connect.exe” after which somebody takes control of your computer and starts communicating with you via notepad. Long story short, to fix the problem it is a “one time base charge” of $149 for third party technical services.

At that point I informed him I didn’t even pay $149 for the drive and that I was just going to return the whole drive. After that response the WD representative made an almost immediate exit - without even an apology or good bye. Is this “normal”? Has anyone else run into this what appears to be a scam? Is WD endorsing this scam?

where did you get this, that does not sound right and smells like a scam

where from ?

WD don’t do “Remote Support” … you are being SCAMMED

You haven’t been talking to WD … you’ve been talking to a SCAMMER

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