WD Took Over All Incoming Traffic

We have port forwarding set to direct certain traffic to a computer set up for file sharing on port 80. Since adding a WD Live Duo, it’s capturing everything and giving us errors. 

The router shows no changes in port forwarding so it’s not clear how the WD took over on everything.

How do I forward just certain ports to the WD while leaving others as they are? What port is the WD using?

If your Duo is set to “Automatic” port forwarding, it will try to use ports 80 & 443 first.

If the router doesn’t tell the Duo that those ports are already used, they’ll cause a conflict.

You’ll probably need to do manual port forwarding on both your Router and the Duo.

Forwarding ports 22 and 873 to a fixed IP address followed by a reboot of router and WD did the trick.