WD Tive live plus - new - different IP address

I have a WD TV Live plus on my network (works). I installed another one on another floor in my house but there is no ethernet jack so i installed a switch to my Verizon box (there is only one port on this box and it is going to the router on the top floor, hence the switch install). Because of the switch and the new WD TV installed to that it comes up with a different IP and won’t access my media on the network where the other WD TV is. how do i get the new WD TV on the same network as the other one? I know, sounds messed up.

I’m not a Networking guru, but i would thought a ‘switch’ get’s connected to one of the Ethernet Ports on your Router and Not the Verizon Box.

That’s how my switch is setup … Router > Switch > Media Devices/Players (all assigned a different IP, but are all on the same Local Network)

Have my Raspberry Pi 3 / 4K Smart TV / PlayStation 4 connected to a Power Line Switch which is then connected to the Router … all work fine whether all of them are powered on at the same time, or individually on.

Yes, agree that would solve the problem but the router is on the third floor and needs to stay there. The Verizon box and switch are in the basement.

this is what i’m suggesting (i you already have it setup this way, i apologize if i read it wrong)

Router (Third Floor) — Ethernet Cable going to Basement — Ethernet Cable connected to Switch — Switch Connected via Ethernet Cable to Verizon Box and WDTV in Basement.

All the devices will have a different IP Address which is normal and they will (should) be all on your local network.

When you say “won’t access my media on the network where the other WD TV is”

where is your “media” located ? on your PC ? NAS ? or an attached hard drive to the Third Floor WDTV ?

It’s on a buffalo Nas.