WD Thunderbolt Duo question [HELP]

My friend is selling his thunderbolt duo WITHOUT disks.

Since I only have one green drive to test it my question is: Can this drive function with only 1 disk/HDD inside?


It depends on the drive as not all WD Green drives are compatible. The device should work in degraded RAID 1 mode with just one drive. However, this is after a RAID 1 array with 2 disk drives has already been established and one is removed or stops working.



The WD Thunderbolt  Duo and Velicoratpor MyBook will operation with only one drive. Any software RAID would be either degraded (RAID 1 - Mirror) or not functional (RAID 0 - Striped). Just delete the RAID in Drive Utility and everything should be good as just one or two drives (JBOD - Just a Bunch Of Drives). It will allow you to test the unit. I would try the drive in both slots to make sure that both work.