WD Theme Online Database doesnt work on HUB, No option in WebUI to upload. What do I do?


II can login to the web UI on my Hub but there is no Themes option.

Using the Setup Themes menu on the WD device shows Mochi only

Changing to Source as Online Database result in failed no content found in folder

I’ve tried rolling back from Current 3.12.13







Still no working theme options

Any ideas?

Thanks for reading

The WDTV Live Hub Online Theme database is most probably no longer maintained since the WDTV Live Hub is now a Legacy Product.

Legacy Product Definition:  legacy products are those that have become outdated, yet may or may not still be supported

If you want Themes, then download them here.

99.9% of SMP Themes will work on the Live Hub and Vice-Versa

There’s some online themes here you can manually download (Thanks KAD) … remember these are OLD themes and have not been updated in a long time