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For a few days ago I bought My Passport Essential SE (WDBACX0010BBK-EESN) and I also have registered it on the website. Now I want to download WD SYNC, but unfortunately when I click on the Non-Restricted Dovnloads, it would writen: “There is currently no download (software, firmware, or driver) available for this product.”  Also when I try to download the program from the other My Passport devices, then I get following message:

Restricted Software Download
You are not eligible to download the software.

What should I do?

This drive is not bundled with WD Sync, not will you be able to download  WD Sync for this drive.

Bear in mind that the WD Sync has been discontinued, is not a backup software. It is not compatible with Windows 7 , neither is compatible with a 64 BIT OS.

If you wish to use a similar software, you can always use the Dmailer:


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Thanks for the reply.

The problem is that I do not need any Backup programas. I’m constantly working with 3different computers and I need to synchronize the data and to be able continue to work! 

Dmailer can be a  good program, but it is commercial software. Do someone know any other FREE programs?

You may be looking at a incorrect support site for your device.

You can find software for your device in here…


Study features, capabilities and issues of Smartware before you install same. Just a friendly advice.

Edit: Smartware is not suitable for file & folder sync on sevaral PCs. It just one to one backup software.

Try using Microsoft SyncToy [Free] downloaded from here.

MS SyncToy


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As Mabkay stated,  Microsoft SyncToy  is good, easy to use and free…

I’ll try it out as well =)