WD Sync

I am trying to download the WD Sync product in order to be able to Synchronise folders on my desktop computer to my Passport Essential USB drive. Please can anyone advise me where to download the software from?

What I want to be able to do is to periodically disconnect the drive from my desk top computer, work on my files on another mobile computer and then resynchonise the folders to the desktop computer when I reconnect so that I always pick up any changes I have made wither to the data on the desktop or to the data on the passport. Does that make sense?

Has anyone used WD Sync? Does the software do the job and have you encountered any problems. Does it handle Microsfoft Access databases?



will not Recommend you to use a Sync Software in order to have your files backed up / Protected ,  in my opinion and expirience is more issues rather than benefits

Instead of a Sync Soft get a Backup soft , However you can download the wd sync using the lonk below :


by the way you need to be registered to download the software

Hope it Helps :slight_smile:

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Ok thanks. I have tried the link. When I click on the donwload button it  just takes me straight to the registration screen although I have already logged on . I have the popup blocker switched off. Any ideas?



You need to Have the Passport Registered and Under the retriscted downloas for your hd You will find the link in order to download the Wd sync  Software …

Hmm - I have registered the product, and there is an “Unrestricted downloads” tab for the product, but no “Restricted downloads” tab. It is My Passport Essential device. Does WD Sync apply to it? Or am I just being really slow?


I had previously tried the  “Downloads” option under Support and also the Unrestricted Downloads - but I couldn’t see WD Sync there.




Yes it Does , wd sync apply to the Passport essential , Keep looking in the Downloads page till you find the link to download it , However i’ll try to find a direct link for you , let’s see…

Ok - tried but no joy. I tried editing the link you gave me above as well- that points to elite, and did manage to point to essential with the download showing, but still got the registration page when I clicked on the download button



I have Seen that many other users have an external link from where you can get the wd sync

Search in the POWERFUL ‘‘GOOGLE’’ and you will find it :slight_smile:

WD Sync is compatible with the earlier version of the My Passport Essential (WDMExxxx), if by any chance the My Passport Essential you have came with WD SmartWare,  WD Sync will not be listed in the Restricted Downloads; also WD Sync will work as a trial version if is installed in a non-compatible product.