WD Sync wont let me Set up via My Cloud

Hi, I’m trying to set up WD Sync via My Cloud.

The problem is that when it ask me sign in to my My Cloud account, when I put my email and pass NOTHING HAPPENS, just a blink and it clears the email & pass boxes and nothing happens! No matter how many times I try, is the same.

My user/email is correct, my pass is correct, I am connected to internet, but nothing.

Any idea on how to solve this?

Any help?!?!

Are you experiencing this when logging in through your web browser?

If you mean the access to MyCloud, then No.

What I can not do is to set WDSync to sync through MyCloud, it only works with the one I have in my local network…

Hi! Is this still not working for you? I was able to get WD Sync to work, through MyCloud, on Windows 7 last night.




Ok, so let’s see if we can work through this. :slight_smile:

First, confirm you are able to login to the MyCloud website. In your web browser, try going to:


and click the “Sign into My Cloud” link.

Are you able to login that way? If so, can you see the files on your NAS ok? Also, which version of WD Sync are you running?


Yes I’m able to login and see files.

I’m running version 1.4.6698.8727



Cool. That’s the same version I’m running. Could you try fully un-installing the WD Sync client and re-installing it? Also, are you running WD Sync on Windows or Mac OS X?


I have uninstalled/reinstalled several times.

I’m running on Windows 10



Cool. Did you reboot between un-installation and re-installation? Also, what anti-virus/anti-malware software are you running? Lastly, in WD Sync, when you enter your email address and password to connect to MyCloud, do you see the “login” (maybe it reads sign-in) link again or do you see that you’re signed in but don’t see your device?