WD Sync Transfer Speed

Hello, how do I identify the file transfer speed at which the WD Sync application on my Windows 10 laptop is sending files up to the MyCloud device? I am currently doing a transfer of 100GB of 80,000 individual files over my wifi connection, and it appears to be going very slowly. My laptop does not have an ethernet port unfortunately. How do I determine what the transfer speed is, and are there any ways to improve the transfer rate?

@mandala What type of Computer and Operating System are you using? What wi-fi adapter do you have and do you know its speed?

One can determine (if using Windows) the general transfer speed/rate by using a local network speed test program like Crystal Disk Mark (https://crystalmark.info/en/software/crystaldiskmark/) to write/read a dummy file on a My Cloud Share and then test the speed to the local computer running the Crystal Disk Mark software program.

When using WiFi one is constrained by the WiFi speed of the computer Wifi adapter, then by the speed of the WiFi router the My Cloud is connected to, then by the networking port on that router which the My Cloud is connected to. Any one of those could affect/limit the transfer speed. You will need to look at the capabilities of your WiFi equipment to see if there is any room for upgrading the speed.