WD Sync Syncing problem


I recently installed the WD Sync software, and the files from my computer were copied successfully.
My problem is when I add a file to the NAS (\WDMyCloudEX2) directly (to the synced folder, of course), it doesn’t get synced to my computer…
Does anyone have this problem too?



Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software?

It works how it should be. The “sync-files” have always to be stored on one of your computers, not on the NAS.

But shouldn’t it SYNC the files between the NAS and the computer?
What difference does it make if the file is from another computer or was put there directly?

No, it should sync between one computer and NAS, respectively two computers, just using the NAS. The NAS itself does not know how to handle the shared files. The administration of the synced files occurs by the sync-software on the computer(s).

That’s what I have learned so far. Perhaps someone could confirm?