I recently migrated over from another vendor to WD MyCloud, and am experiancing tremendous slow sync while remotely. Just syncing one pdf that’s 500KB takes about 40 secons, and a file that’s 200MB takes almost an hour. The bandwith are remote 1GB and where the EX2 is 300MB which I believe are super speeds for syncing 200MB.

Is there a way to sync directly to the EX2? I believe that the proxing to the WD Cloud is slowing down the sync, and I have about 50GB of data that I need to take with me everywhere.

Is there a way to configure the WD Sync to use FTP and sync directly to the EX2?

Your question may be better served being asked in the dedicated EX2 subforum rather than the My Cloud subforum.


What do you mean by remotely syncing? What does your setup look like?


While I’m away from the local network where the ex2 is at. With bandwidth speeds of 1GB and 300MB.

I will post this question on the EX2 subforum.