WD Sync slowness issue over the internet

I have setup WD Sync on one of my windows servers hosted remotely to sync files to my home cloud, I have a 20 Mbps internet connection which is Not bad and usually i can do 2 MB/sec downloads and 700 KB Uplaods, but i noticed that no files are getting synced and it is extremly slow syncing files to my cloud, am not sure why that is any ideas would be greatly appreciated…

What is your internet connection both upload and download speed at the home location (where the My Cloud resides)? What is your internet connection both upload and download speed at the remote location?

Just because one may have a 20MB connection doesn’t mean they’ll actually get that speed. There are any number of factors on the internet that can impact the speed between the remote and local connection.

Further how is remote access configured on the My Cloud? Is it port forwarding or not? Its possible WD Sync may be going through WD servers which could potentially introduce some speed reductions.

Also search this subforum, magnifying glass icon upper right, to see the various past discussions on problems with using WD Sync remotely. WD Sync can sometimes fail to run properly even on local computers.

My internet speed is 20 Mbps Down / 6 Mbps Up at my Home location and 1 Gbps unmetered at the Remote Location but still the maximum speed i can see aroun 0.14 MB/sec which is terribly slow (140 KB)

i havent configured port forwarding in my router nor in my cloud setting through web portal, is that going to contribute to the performance and how to do that ??..

It might. If your Cloud Access page says ‘realy connection establisd’, rather than ‘port forwarding connection established’, then data traffic might be going via WD network servers.

So get that port forwarding set up… Search the forum for details, or read the user manual.

yes it already says:
Port forwarding connection established.

so why am i getting terribly slow speeds around 140 KB/sec when syncing via internet (WD SYNC) ?!?

finally managed to get good speeds after re configuring the entire thing probably (had to reset my cloud) this might not be easy to configure and get decent speeds for beginners or normal users, even people with adequate knowledge in this field (but first time using Cloud storage) might face difficulties at first, but spending 2 days working on the settings slowly i finally manage to get the speeds i was looking for over the internet (via lan wasnt an issue since day one and i could hit 60-70 MB/sec over Wi-Fi alone) but WD Sync needs to be more user friendly and optimized for performance i believe, thanks.

What settings did you change, then, to make it work?

The point of this forum is to share user experience.

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