WD Sync settings issues on Mac

I am using WD Sync with a My Cloud on a Mac (macOS Sierra). In the Settings - General tab, there is an option to “Include WD Sync in my right-click menu options.” I have enabled this feature however, when right-clicking on a file name, WD Sync is not listed in the various other options available. Any idea as to why this is?

Also, in the same Settings General tab, there is an option to enable SSL when syncing files to my local network. What is the purpose of this?

Thank you for any response to these questions.


I recommend you contact WD support for assistance with this

I have filed a support ticket with your “world class” service but have still not heard a thing. Additionally, shouldn’t simple functionality of the very basic WD Sync software you provide be directly supported by your customer service without having to escalate to Semio technicians? This seems very odd.

Actually, there is no case created by you in the system. Could you please click on the link above and try again?

Hi Hamlet,

Here how it works.
Once you set it up int settings, go to any folder that you have synchronised.
Right click on any file. You will see a new item “share with mycloud” menu item.
Click on that menu item.
It will open an email.
Enter the email address of that person,
Send the email.
that person will receive a link to that document you shared and he will be able to view it (via a special wdmycloud link)

More like an attachment to an email. Except that you can share it from within the folder.
The receiver will always receive the most uptodate document that you sent (straight from mycloud).
You can do this from any synchronised folder (without launching email).

This is in a nut shell.

Just a tip, maybe you already know. If you are sharing the house with other people, make sure you enable SSL when syncing. This will encrypt the transfer. Can be useful.

Thank you for your answer. However, I’m not referring to sharing files with others. I am talking about the third feature in the General menu which enables WD Sync to be included the right-click menu. I assume the purpose of this is to be able to sync a file on demand, if WD Sync has not already done so. I looked at the Extensions options in System Preferences, and although WD Finder Extension PlugIn is enabled (checked), that option still does not appear when I right click and choose “Share” and “More”.

I have asked WD tech support and no one seems to know how to answer this question! Strange . . . .

that is what it does.

It syncs files with users.

you send him the link.

sometime later you changed the contents.
He later open the same link (you don’t need to send him a new link). He will get the newest version.
You actually answered your own question.
The plugin appears under share. It is for sharing, but the share will be synced as well.

What I’m trying to say is that this feature is supposed to allow you to sync on demand with WD MyCloud (the actual NAS), not someone else via email, etc. At least that’s what the option on WD Sync seems to suggest …

Well … I don’t see anywhere they suggest that. Not the general setting or the help file.
Maybe I missed it.

All they suggest is that instead of clicking on the wdsync icon on the top menu bar, and select “share with mycloud” they just added it to Finder. that is all to it.

If you find out otherwise then they are misleading the user or the wording is confusing. In this case tell them or suggest a new idea in the appropriate forum.