WD Sync producing unwanted files

I have a My Cloud hard drive, at least a year old, attached to my router as a network drive. I am trying to use WD Sync to sync two folders: one at work, one on my home computer. I have installed WD Sync in both places. I have used WD Sync settings to pair a folder on my home computer with a folder on My Cloud. I have done the same at work. I have added files at work and they show up on my home computer. That is as it should be.

Now my issue. As I sit here at home over Christmas break, weird files keep showing up on my work computer. They are copies of files I already have with a date and some other numbers appended to their name. There seems no rhyme nor reason for which files are created. Some have been files that I have not looked at for over a year. There are some multiple copies of files I haven’t touched. If a folder contains 7 files, usually about 3 of them get replicated.

This makes WD Sync unusable. Can anyone suggest a cause? What could I be doing to cause this?

Thanks in advance for your help. For the time being I have unpaired the folder on my home computer, but my harddrive continues to make continual noise like it is very busy. Is that just network activity?

By the way, I saw a statement in settings that says WD Sync keeps up to 5 versions of a file. But no where is there a way (that I could find) to turn that off or specify where they should be kept. Surely, not on my local drive?

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