WD Sync problem

I’m just about ready to give up on my WD MY Cloud device and put it on the selling block. Before I do this I want to try one last thing. What I’m trying to do is back up files from 2 computers on one network over the Internet to a WD My Cloud that is in a remote location on another network. I have been trying to do this using the WD Sync utility and it does not work. I have contacted the WD Service level 2 technician to solve my problem but to no avail. I have two questions

  1. Is it possible to synchronize 2 computers through WD Sync over the Internet to a remote location?
  2. Does WD Sync have a problem with synchronizing hugh amounts of data (ie. 40 G plus) with many files (ie. 50,000 files)?

Did you log in to your my cloud during the installation of WD Sync? When you install it by default it searches for local devices, you have to sign in to use a remote one.

Once you have done that it creates a folder for you to manually sync files. I would suggest testing that first before setting up any automatic sync (so uncheck the default sync folders when prompted).

I wouldn’t call 40G a huge amount of data. Don’t see why it would cause any problems.

Start small to validate your intended use case with non-sensitive files. Beware files are being sent where they can be snooped (e.g. govt, hackers, competitors, etc). I’m waiting on support to re-create my issue.

Turn on the “Enable SSL when syncing files on my local network” when remote. This will lessen the risk, but it still exists.

When I set up the backup to remote I used the ADD fucntion in WD Sync to create the folders on My Cloud. I did this for both computers I want to backup. Initially it started tranferring files and then I noticed that due to the large volumes of files it would take forever to complete. I then decided to copy the files directly to the My Cloud while on the network on which it was connected. Since the sync has stopped and i can’t get it to restart.