WD Sync paths and subfolders on MyCloud not syncing on Mac

I was hopeful that the updated WD Sync software would enable me to use this on my Mac instead of the TimeMachine (which is not working on networks as it keeps prompting to create entirely new backups for so-called security reasons). However, WD Sync is giving tons of error messages about files that could not be synchronized. The reason seems to be that WD Sync doesn’t recognize the ‘/’ character that OSX uses to define a path for a subfolder or files that are located in these subfolders. In the end I noticed that WD Sync was only synchronizing the subfolders which are located in the main folder that I choose to sync; any file or sub-subfolder located inside these subfolders was not synchronized.
I do hope that WD will be able to address this issue as it just adds another limitation to the usability of the WD MyCloud drive.

Hi, What version of the WD Sync are you using? What version of the Mac OS X are you running on your computer?

Hi lluna, I have installed latest version of wd sync and Mavericks on my MacBook Pro.

That’s weird if you have uninstalled and reinstalled the application I really don’t have any more ideas. I would suggest you to contact support as they should have some more information on what to try.

Will do - Thank you for your reaction anyway!