Wd sync on new computer won't work

I have used wd sync for a long time - the version I’m running is the discontinued wd sync 6.1.038 with an external (passport?) hard drive.  I used it to copy files off the hard drive of my old computer and now have moved to a new computer, but when I try to run wd sync it says my 30 trial period has expired and that I should buy a new copy.  of course, there is no new copy so I’m stuck and unable to access the data I copied.  

What can I do to get my data off the external drive and onto my new computer?  I tried going thru a process of entering my serial number and downloading a newer wd sync but it wants me to create a new profile but won’t access my old one.


This happens when WD Sync is running from the PC and not the drive or if the drive is not meant to have this software

Make sure you are running the WD Sync version from the drive

You will want to stop using WD Sync as a backup since as the name says is a synchronization not a backup software

retrieve the data and use other software